Autumn Afternoon on the Farm

Today is the perfect, sunny fall day for lounging on the ground and taking 152 photos of the sheep and goats as they lazily chew cud and soak up the sun. I have to share it with you! I hope you can feel the tranquility and contentment from the simple pleasure of having nice hay, a safe pasture, and the smallest autumn breeze.

Author: JoAnnaSpring

Knitter. Spinner. Farmer. Obsessed with wool.

One thought on “Autumn Afternoon on the Farm”

  1. How wonderful JoAnna! Your life is a dream. I know it’s a lot of hard work!
    I have a very small hobby farm and used to have angora goats. Now I have chickens and
    english angora rabbits. There’s nothing more wonderful than standing in the barn or pasture
    watching the animals, happy and content. Good clean honest lovely work! Thank you for sharing.

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