Monthly Batt Club!

Monthly Batt Club!

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Sign-ups are now available for shipments starting in February. The monthly Knit Spin Farm batt club is a shipment of a full sized batt, or set of minis, weighing at least 3 oz. A double club is also available and will include two batts (or sets of minis). You can sign up for a one-time shipment, or subscribe for monthly recurring charges (the cost is the same for either option). You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

There are four themes available for batt club. You can choose a single theme or the option to rotate through the themes. 

  • Brights (available Nov 2022-April '23) - Pure, bright colors, both saturated and pale. For six months, the batts will be bright and happy colors that are all different from each other, but could be combined for bigger projects.
  • Grays with Grayed Colors (available Nov 2022-April '23)- A variety of subdued colors blended with various grays, resulting in chill, nearly heathered yarns. For six months there will be a variety of colors, but all will be blended with some form of gray and could be combined for bigger projects. 
  • Celebrations and Seasons - do you want reds and browns in fall, bright colors for Halloween, and something floral in the spring? This theme will help your spinning match your calendar. 
  • 3 month color run - for spinners interested in combining spins for a bigger project. Every 3 months I'll pick a color which will appear in each batt. The three shipments will be different, but coordinated. The colors for the next few months are:
    Nov, Dec, Jan '23 – Brown (warm, dark - in the form of naturally colored wools blended with dyed wools)
    Feb, March, April - Purple (royal purple and lavender)
    May, June, July – Green (of some sort)
  • Rotate Theme - can't decide on a theme? Choose "Rotate theme" as your option, and you'll get a random shipment each month. This is a great option for undecided and adventurous knitters, as well as anyone who wants to make up their own theme. If you pick this option, you can send me an email ( and request something different, such as "cool colors" or "boldest batts with the most texture" or "soft and fluffy wools" or whatever makes you happiest. Each month I will do my best to send you the batt that matches or is closest to your preferences. If you have no preferences, that's ok too!

A note on 6 oz/Double clubs! First, thanks for indulging and loving wool as much as I do! Second - you can choose to either have two of the same batts/minis in each shipment, or choose two separate themes. This listing is set up for a double dose of the same theme, but if you'd like two different themes, please choose the option "6 oz/Double Club, Mixed Themes" and send me an email ( to let me know which themes you'd like. I'm really glad to provide this option, it's just too complex to create in this listing. 

If you have an aversion to any of the following add-ins, please let me know by sending me an email to I don't know that any of these specifically will be in any of the shipments, but I can keep them out of your batts per your request: sparkle (angelina) silk, sari silk, silk noil.

If you choose the subscription option, your first charge for the club will occur the day you sign up. After that you will be charged monthly for the club on the 5th of the month. Fiber will ship around the 25th of each month starting with the month indicated at the top of this listing. You control the length of your subscription and can cancel at any time. Details are provided in your confirmation email when you complete your order and you can email me anytime at