2023 Battvent is coming!

Battvent 2023: Bundle Up will be open for preorders starting at 8 pm Eastern TONIGHT (Friday, Oct 13)! There are new details for this year, including a coupon code if you'd like a more simple version of battvent. 

The boxed version of Battvent is $75 and the unboxed is $61. Both prices include US Shipping. Here is all the info from the listing, which will go live at 8:

colorful mitten collage

Note: The price of this listing includes shipping within the United States. (See below for shipping outside the US)

Winter can be cold. Wool is excellent for keeping you warm while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of winter outdoors! You can spend December spinning a little bit each day, and have fabulous yarn to knit with in the new year.

2023 Battvent features 24 mini batts (0.25 oz each - for a total of 6 oz) available in two formats (boxed or unboxed). Mini batts will contain a mix of Corriedale, Cheviot, Falkland, Targhee, and Rambouillet wools, and add-ins such as sari silk, sparkle, and silk noil. Each one will be unique, but a curated color palette will ensure every mini can be used in a single harmonious yarn, or for coordinating minis. I am sorry to say that, due to the nature of making mini batts, I can't accomodate any requests for add-ins, such as 'no sparkle.'

Bundle Up! is the theme and inspiration for the color palette with a range of vibrant purples, reds, and greens with a little blue and yellow. Many of the mini batts will be blended with white or ivory, like warm woolens dusted with snow. The first image in this listing is an example of the colors you can expect (all other images are samples to display packaging and mini format only. The wool you recieve will be a surprise!).

New for 2023: Choose Boxed or unboxed. There are two options for Battvent. In the standard boxed version (example photo 2) the mini batts will be packaged separately in small numbered bags. Each mini will be a surprise and it's a great format for spinners who want to experience the ritual of opening a package each day.

The Unboxed option (example photo 3) is new this year. The 24 mini batts will be sent in a pair of clear ziploc bags. This option is considerably less packaging and labor, so is offered at a discount. It's a good format for spinners who want more control over their spin, or who might be spinning at irregular intervals instead of daily. It would also make a great DIY advent calendar for a friend (or yourself if you have a loved one willing to create it for you!). To choose the unboxed version, enter coupon code UNBOXED in your cart and a discount will automatically appear.   

A daily morning or late night spinning treat is a great way to slow down and savor the season. This is a preorder for Battvent. All Battvent packages will ship via USPS by November 15. 

For shipping outside the US, the cost of postage will be calculated at checkout. It includes a discount to account for a portion of the postage built into the price on this listing. Refunds will be given at the time of shipping if you have been overcharged. Thank you!

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