Refund policy

Please contact me a jsmoskal@gmail.com if I've made an error. I try my best, but sometimes get distracted by goats.

If I am processing a refund due to customer error, there will be a small fee (ranging from 3-5%).The credit card processing companies do not refund the entire amount, and their fees will be withheld from a refund in these instances.If you order sock tube cranking and we are unable to contact you, or recieve no reply to multiple emails, this fee applies. 

If the refund is due to my error, the full amount will be refunded.

Monthly Club Payments

The batt and yarn club payments are automatically processed through an app. You should receive notice a few days before each charge, as well as a receipt when the charge is processed. In each of these emails there is a link to make changes or cancel your club. You can also email me at jsmoskal@gmail.com at any time.

All changes to your club preferences go into effect with the next charge after you make the changes. 

If there is an error charging your card, the system will notify you by email and will try the charge again the next day. If the error persists, it will try again three days later. If a charge can not be processed at that time, the club membership is automatically cancelled and the system will send you an email. I try to contact any club members via email before fully cancelling the club, but this may take many days. If I don't hear back within a reasonable time, your spot in the club may be given to someone on the waitlist.