Battvent Day 1 - the story of Melvin begins

Are your bobbins clean?? Ready for new spinning??? The first day of Battvent is here. 

Do you know how you're going to spin your minis? I tried to design them so each one would flow into the next. My plan is to spin them long draw, over-the-fold and do a simple two-ply. At day 13 I'll switch to the second bobbin. My end goal with the yarn will be a loopy cowl, I think. Either a Foolproof or a Snake Skin. If you have suggestions of a favorite handspun neck accessory, please share it in the comments below. I love queuing new stuff!

Bill wrote a 6 part story to go along with the pieces of Battvent. (He also wrote the coordinating bits of natural history that you'll come across on a few of the days.) I think his simple story is charming and delightful. I may be biased, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Chapter 1. Melvin!

Melvin is a spirit of the woods. He lives in the woods, he works in the woods, he plays in the woods. This time of year, he had a lot of tasks helping the woods prepare for winter. Today, he was going out to visit his friends make sure that they had enough food to last through the long cold seaason. He was pretty sure that the squirrels were well stocked up on nuts, and his friend the bear was about to settle in to a deep slumber. For his first stop this morning, He thought he would leave a surprise present for his winged friends!


  • Spinning in order and planning to chain ply. I’d guess I’ll end up with DK/light worsted at the end of all that.

  • After spinning day one I think I’ll chain ply all of it when it’s done. I want to keep the colors together. I thought about spinning some other KnitSpinFarm fiber that I have in my stash and plying it with Battvent, but after finding out that the colors are going to gradient day by day, I decided to stick to the chain ply. Day one spun up like a dream and I’m home for the afternoon and will get started on day two! Thanks, JoAnna, for making December so much fun.

    Mary Anne
  • I was so glad to see the story in the first day! I’m excited to see more. I’ve decided to spindle spin all of the bits on a drop spindle and do a two ply DKish weight yarn. Loved the bits of red in this first batt! Thank you!!!!


    Molly Mooney
  • JoAnna, I am just SO EXCITED about this! I started crafting our own advent calendars for our kids when they were little as a way to help them not wish the month away. Many years it was a lego build or puzzle broken into 25 bits for them to work on together. As they got older there were more tiny snacks and toys interspersed. The oldest is now 18 and I just sent her back to school with tears in her eyes because she has her own countdown to get her through the next few stressful end of semester weeks before she can head home again. I absolutely LOVE this tradition. These little nuggets of yours are going to get me through the most stressful time of the year with my extended family, giving me something creative and positive to focus on every single day (and a bonus story too!!)….I’m SO GRATEFUL to you and Bill both. ♥️


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