Battvent Day 12 - Yarn Hats!!

These little hats were so fun to make. SO. FUN! They are absolutely perfect for handspun, especially fluffy, fuzzy scraps or early handspun you aren't sure if you can knit up.


There are lots of tutorials online (I used this one). The hats use paper tubes, scraps of yarn, and a bit of wool for stuffing. Some of the hats are more dignified with neatly trimmed pom poms.

Some of them demanded to be wild and fun!

You're going to want to make a bunch of these! Have fun changing up yarns and stripe patterns.

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  • You are knocking it out of the park! Every day has been a delight. So glad I joined in on the fun and I hope you are thinking about doing it again! Thank you so much for the hat, I think it will find a permanent home in the house where we can see it every day.

    Mary Anne

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