Spring and potatoes

Spring on the farm is…a lot. We’ve been working long hours in the garden, preparing for the market, and getting ready for a fiber festival, but we still feel so behind! And then the days disappear and suddenly it’s the beginning of May. (It’s the beginning of May, right??)

Our task list is still long, but we’re feeling ok about it now and taking today as a “vacation” day, which I think most people would call a “weekend” day, even though it is Wednesday (is it Wednesday?). We’re discovering a weird thing about working for ourselves in an isolated way, which is that common contemporary schedules mean nothing to us. Days of the week, or even times of the day are mostly all the same. We eat lunch at 3 in the afternoon or 10 in the morning because we don’t have an employer telling us the time of our break. It has created very natural rhythms that feel good.

But… it also means we don’t have a defined work day. So, on one hand, I can still be in my pjs at 9:30, but am also working at 8 pm and have lost that defining line between work times and off hours. We’re trying to figure out how to make sure all of life isn’t work. So far, I think we’re doing ok. But when we make a plan to not work all (or part) of a day we’re calling it a “vacation” day, when I think it’s really just a weekend.

I’m not complaining! Promise. It’s exciting to want to be doing the work we’re doing and to not have it feel onerous. I’m just giving a long-winded excuse for neglecting you lately. I didn’t realize I was doing it! Time is different to me now that Bill is home always, and I’m still figuring out how it works.

For proof of our work, here’s some photos from last night’s potato planting. The sky was so beautifully blue and the air was just cool enough. Having sheep and goats grazing in the pasture right outside the garden really helped set the mood, too. And it is always nice to look forward to being a baby goat perch when your work is done.


This photo was taken because I was being artistic. Not because I was tired and wanted an excuse to lay down. I’m not old. Just artistic. Also, the sky was amazing. And I wasn’t tired!


Maybe it’s time for a vacation day…

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