Stash Cranking Misfit skein sale event!


From now until we shut down the cranking service for the summer, any order of 5 or more tubes with of sock tube cranking will get a free skein of yarn, in tube form, returned with their order. 

Yarn will be pulled from our sack of misfit skeins. These are skeins that for one reason or another couldn't be sold. Commonly there are dyeing imperfections, there are also some rejected colorway tests, and few that maybe have tiny burn spots? :-) All are perfectly good skeins of nice yarn though! The yarns pictured above are the actual yarns that will be drawn from. 

Order here:


One per customer, until gone. 

Extra shipping charges borne by us

we pick the skein from our sack of misfit skeins

skeins will be at least 80 grams, enough for a pair of socks. 

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