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This is the order page for the 12/7 Saw-whet Farm pop-up roadside stand!

Do you need a fresh pasta or bread fix, have you been wanting to drive all the way to NW Boone County to satiate your craving? Well, do we have the event for you! Announcing the first ever Saw-whet Farm pop-up roadside stand!


We are taking pre-orders for our most popular breads, as well as pasta. If you order, you will need to come pick up your items in person in Thorntown, Indiana. 

Before you order, please note the following: It at least 15 of any given type of pasta are not ordered (across all customers), we'll not make that batch. Any orders for pasta that is canceled will be refunded when ordering closes on 12/2. 

If any pasta types or bread sells out and you really want some, send me a note or give me a call!

Pasta is sold per nest (~ 2 oz) with the exception of rigatoni, which is a 10 ounce package. 

The address of the pop-up stand is:

4754 W 650 N

Thorntown, IN 46071. 

We will be set up from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM on December 7, 2019. Please do not order if you will be unable to pick your items up during this time window.

Ordering will close on 12/2. 


Any questions, call or text Bill at 317-515-0865.

Look for the tent!


Come on up and grab some carby deliciousness, we'll have your orders, and perhaps a couple extra special treats. Come learn about the hand built wood-fired oven where much of your bread is baked, and perhaps, snuggle a sheep or goat. (There will be hot cocoa!) 

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