Big Bill's "From Your Stash" Sock Tube Cranking Service
Big Bill's "From Your Stash" Sock Tube Cranking Service
Big Bill's "From Your Stash" Sock Tube Cranking Service
Big Bill's "From Your Stash" Sock Tube Cranking Service

Big Bill's "From Your Stash" Sock Tube Cranking Service

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Now, in addition to KnitSpinFarm yarn, you can also send us yarn from YOUR stash to crank into a tube!

You send us your yarn, we (Bill) will crank it into a tube and send it back. This listing is for a single skein of yarn into a tube. If you would like multiple skeins cranked, please adjust the quantity in your cart. 

As of now, we only have experience cranking fingering and sport weight yarns. If you would like something of a different weight cranked, we can give it a try, but will be constrained by the limitations of our machine. We can discuss... :-)

Additionally, yarn must contain at least 75% wool. We have tried with more synthetic fibers, and have bad luck with them slipping off the machine. If we figure out how to address this, we may allow it in the future. 

We need the following info from you: Please leave a note in the comments when you check out, and make sure I can contact you via email for any questions or issues that arise. 

  • How many stitches in your tube - 64 or 72? We have only these cylinder choices at this time.
  • Approximate gauge or tube circumference? We can do 7-9 stitches per inch (or 10 spi on 72 stitches only). (see note below)
  • Crank the whole skein, or leave some in reserve? It takes about 20-25 g to knit heels, toes, and cuffs. You could likely get two pairs of socks from a 115g tube if you use contrasting yarn for heels, toes, and cuffs. 

Regarding gauge and tube circumference: Since you will be adding hand knitting to the tube, we suggest matching the cranked gauge to your hand knit gauge. You can measure your gauge by counting the number of stitches in one inch on a recently knit sock. Your gauge and the number of stitches will determine the circumference of your tube.

Example: 64 stitches at 8 stitches per inch (spi) = 64/8 = 8 inch tube circumference

72 stitches at 9 spi also equals 8 inch tube.

A general guide:

  • 7 inch tube - women's small
  • 8 inch tube - women's medium/ men's small
  • 9 inch tube - women's large/ men's medium

Our recommendations!

The tightness of the fabric really depends upon the yarn. 

As a rule of thumb, the 64 stitch tube tops out at 9.5 stitches per inch with fingering weight yarns. The 72 stitch cylinder can go a little over 10 stitches per inch. With heavier sport weight yarns, the maximum SPI that we can achieve is reduced by about 10-15%.  

Below 8 stitches per inch, the fabric tends to be quite loose and floppy, a bit lacy. In my opinion, the nicest fabrics all end up being in the 8-9 spi range, no matter the yarn base. 

Sport weight yarns are the only yarn we'd recommend at 7 spi. 

We will gladly take our time and work with you to make sure you're happy with the tube we crank for you! Please contact us at with any questions or requests for advice! 

Upon your order, we will be emailing info for you to ship your yarn (including our mailing address). Please understand that we are not responsible for your yarn until it reaches our house, so we suggest you get tracking information when sending it. This product listing includes a shipping charge, which will cover the cost of shipping your completed tubes back to you. 

Please allow 2 weeks from the time we receive your yarn for us to ship it back to you. 

Make sure you include a good email address and phone number that we can use to contact you!


Happy knitting!